Garment Personalisation

Garment Personlisation
Garment Personalisation
Customise your workwear

Applying a logo to your garment couldn’t be easier. Simply send us your logo(s), specify the type of application you require and allow us to do the rest. When applying a logo to a garment, we guarantee a professional and high quality finish whatever the form of application.

The following options are the key types of application to cover all aspects of garment decoration.


The most popular method of logo application is Embroidery. Embroidered logos can be applied to almost any fabric and give a hard wearing, quality finish. We use modern machinery to ensure your logos come up with the sharpest finish available.

All new logos submitted to us incur a “set up” fee where your logo is “digitised” in an embroidery software format to enable us to embroider it on to your chosen garment. Once your logo is set up there are no further set up charges. You then simply pay for the finished garment.

  • High quality and durable finish
  • New logos set up fee of £14.99
  • Existing logos and text only – no set up fee
  • No minimum quantity

Heat Seal

This type of application involves heat pressing your logo on to your garment via a heat seal transfer. Your logo is first created on to the heat seal transfer paper and then applied to your garment. The logo then becomes bonded with the fabric to give a clean quality finish similar to a screen printed garment.

We use specialised papers and industrial heat press technology to ensure our results speak for themselves.

  • Excellent alternative to screen printed garments
  • New logos set up fee of £14.99
  • Existing logos and text only – no set up fee
  • No minimum quantity

Screen Printing

Screen printing is suited towards larger runs where the finish required is high quality, durable and bold. Logos are applied via stencil screens of your design. The number of stencils required depend on the number of layers or colours of your logo/design. Each colour of your logo/design is then layered one at a time by pushing ink through the screen one colour at a time.

  • Premium quality finish
  • Suited towards runs of 50+
  • Set up fee dependant on logo/design


Suited to smaller quantity runs, this type of application is commonly used for printing names and numbers on sports clothing. The logo is cut into single coloured sheets of vinyl and then the excess is removed by hand. Once the excess is removed or “weeded” we are left with the logo. This is then heat sealed on to the garment.

  • Suited to single or few colour logo’s
  • No set up fee
  • No minimum quantity