Not every company will benefit from workwear, but many will do. If your company falls into any of the categories below, then we’d recommend branded workwear to help improve everything from customer recognition through to staff morale and beyond.


At-Home or Delivery Services

This is fairly logical. If one of your company representatives is visiting customers at home – whether that’s to read their gas meter or deliver a package, then being instantly recognisable is very important. It helps customers make quick identifications and validate your staff members’ visit. This inspires confidence in the customer, making them feel safer and more receptive.


Health-Related Industries

Health-related covers a multitude of categories – anything from gyms and spas, through to hospitals. And then within the hospital, there’s a multitude of different options for different sections, where the uniform takes into account everything from patient sanitation through to employee comfort.

Instantly coming to mind is the green of the surgeon’s scrubs, worn in clinics and hospitals. The nurses’ uniforms, tunics for the physio's (like this ‘vitality’ tunic) and then perhaps overalls for the cleaners and overcoats for the porters.

In the local gym, perhaps the uniform may be comfortable, breathable polo shirts for the staff, and of course different tunics for the people in the spa. Whatever the choice, it’s very important once again that staff are recognisable and look professional in order to inspire confidence.


Food Industries

A multitude of opportunities here. Would you like your bar staff to look like a team (and like real professionals in the process)? Your chef will need his uniform too – not only to cement his position in the kitchen with the other staff, but to inspire confidence with your guests if he makes an appearance in the dining room (hopefully to take a round of applause)! Nothing says hygiene and professional in the same statement, like clean, white aprons and jackets.
The waitresses are also another consideration, as are front-of-house staff.  


Customer-Facing Employees

If you have staff on the shop floor, they need to be identified quickly. There’s nothing more embarrassing than stopping another shopper on the floor, who may be browsing, in the mistaken assumption that they are staff. Branded workwear translates into quicker service and more sales.


Manual Labourers

For a multitude of reasons, all workers should be identifiable, whether they are working for the local council, a private company or a sub-contractor. And this workwear has to be fit for purpose in terms of health and safety. For anyone working on building sites, then steel toe capped boots are essential. And don’t forget the high-vis jackets and hard hats too!


At Agentis Workwear, we’ve many years of experience supplying both branded and non-branded workwear to every imaginable industry. Please contact us for advice or a competitive quote.