Whether it’s Birmingham, Bristol, London or Paris – keeping your establishment in the public eye (and consciousness) is paramount.


With so much competition (think brasseries, bars, eateries, delis, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, cocktail bars, pubs, hotels, b&bs… the list goes on)…… just how do you make differentiate yourself from the others?


We’ve all seen programmes like the Alex Polizzi’s Hotel Inspector, and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, where the star goes in and exposes the company’s failings – leaving us aghast that so many of the basics aren’t being taken care of. Things like who does what, how are the accounts being taken care of, why aren’t the staff being managed properly and what about the food hygiene? But after these essentials are taken care of, we at Agentis, reckon it’s all about creating a memorable and professional image with bespoke workwear.


A Cohesive Team Speaks Volumes


Whether your staff are serving behind a bar, cleaning hotel rooms or making sandwiches behind your shop counter – if they look like part of a cohesive team, it speaks volumes.


For example – uniforms at work tell your customer that the owner/manager is interested in the business – it’s being taken care of and nurtured. And by default, that suggests that the product or the offering they’re buying, is a better one.


Bespoke workwear tells your customer that you have a team working together – again, suggesting that everyone knows what they’re doing. It forms company pride amongst the workers – they’re doing something as part of a select group, and it subconsciously propels them on to want to do better.


Don’t Forget The Basics!


So many venues spend so much time creating trendy menus, or thinking up gimmicks to draw in customers, and forget this essential part of the process. Think about it logically – if you’re tailoring a specific menu to suit a theme, or your venue, don’t forget to tailor the workwear and give your staff some style too!


Just as a chef knows that presentation is everything (the food wouldn’t look ‘finished’ without a dash of balsamic, or a few parmesan shavings would it?), then think of your staff in the same way.


We often have clients come to us after they’ve tried to cut corners, and then simply thrown in the towel on this – realizing it’s just better to bite the bullet and do it properly.

When DIY ‘Uniforms’ Go Wrong!


For example – we helped out one bar owner who  had initially specified a dress code of black and white. Their staff interpreted it very loosely to say the least!


Some came all in black. One came all in white. One’s idea of white was actually an over-washed blouse that was a dirty grey. One came in a black and white checked shirt that their father had worn when he was a mod in the 1960’s! The owner of that particular establishment came to us in despair, and after some discussion, we came up with a lovely tailored uniform in black, with a white logo. It was very striking, and the staff loved it – all of them!


Appropriate Styling


It’s all about the finishing touches, and if you select the right uniform to reflect your establishment, then you’re on to a winner. For example – if you have a trendy Italian restaurant, then you wouldn’t give the staff uniforms that make them look as if they work in McDonalds. You’d choose chic, smart and stylish. You’ve tailored the venue, you’ve tailored the menu – now it’s time for the staff!


An employee’s look underpins everything from your ethos and standards through to the brand. Think of it as the icing on the cake that completes the whole experience, adds authority and enhances the customer experience.