A logo is part of company branding – a really important element that performs many services.


A great logo will instantly tell someone your company name, or what you’re about. It potentially could tell your customers what you do or have to offer.  It’s a lot to ask a small design, but if you get it right it could pay fantastic dividends.


There are lots of ways to create your logo, and the internet is a rich source of ideas for those on a budget. Many of them offer hassle-free ways to do this by using a simple template. You can select your font, and the icons, the colour schemes, and then download them to your computer!


How Do I Get My Logo Onto My Company Workwear?


Once you have your logo created, then it’s time to get it onto your workwear. The process is easy - simply call us. We offer two options – you can either have your logo printed onto the workwear, or we can embroider your workwear with the logo.


Over the years we’ve provided everything from Polo shirts and T-shirts, through to fire-retardant, anti-static technical wear for the oil and gas industry. Nothing is beyond our capability, so do get in touch to see how we can help. It’s the ideal way to smarten up your workforce, and re-enforce your branding.