We know the British weather is unpredictable, but there are forecasts for some great weather between the end of August and September – so that means covering up your head if you want to stay comfortable – and safe.

Wearing a hat is the best way to protect your head and eyes from the sun’s UV rays – the rays that are essential in small doses for production of vitamin D, but in longer doses can mean harmful skin damage and potential problems in the future.

So what kind of people may be needing a cap when going about their business? To our mind –there are plenty of people who’d benefit from some light, but protective headwear.

Firstly – what about builders? Working onsite all day long in searing heat? Or golfers? With the excitement and concentration of the game, it would be easy to forget, but it would also ensure they have better vision too, rather than being blinded by bright rays.

Anyone working in the great outdoors – those involved in gardening or maintenance work. Tour guides (a great opportunity for some branding here) – or those involved in walking activities.


What Sort Of Caps Do We Supply?

So many it’s impossible to describe them all here, but we’ll have a good go.

Firstly it’s a choice of colours.  We have plain caps in dark colours, or brighter ones (or why not mix and match – with a different coloured peak, as in our Beech Original Flatpeak Snapback?

Fancy a bit of camouflage? Then the Beech Camo Army Cap is the one for you!

We’ve got reflective caps, and caps with under-peak mesh pockets (clever!).

Then there’s teamwear caps, and legionnaire caps with those famous side-flaps (very cool)!

Then there’s the hat section.

What’s the difference you may ask? Well – the caps tend to be more casual, whereas our hat range crosses from casual through to smart. And we’ve hats for all weathers too. But hey – we’re getting carried away now. Maybe the hats in all their glory, are something for another blog post.