Casual workwear is found in environments where practical clothing is appropriate to allow people to do their job, but where they still need to be identifiable. Places like

1) Bars and restaurants
2) Festivals
3) The security industry
4) Gardening and landscaping companies
5) Dog grooming parlours etc…

The Bar & Restaurant Environment

In a bar, it’s a fast-moving environment. It’s generally hot and crowded, and there’s drink flowing. Lots of opportunities here for spillage and accidents – not to mention body heat and sweat! So for these purposes, you’d have to think about the colour of the outfits as they’re likely to get stained quite easily. In addition, the fabric is important. Something that is a more natural ‘breathable’ fibre, and which also stands up to the rigours of cleaning and washing frequently.

That doesn’t mean it has to be dull though. There’s a lovely selection of polo shirts which would fit the bill perfectly, making your bar or restaurant look professional, whilst being practical for everyone.

Festival Casual Workwear

The sorts of people who may require casual workwear include

#1 Food Vendors – all those splashes and stains! Choose something washable or easy-wipe for this!
#2 Security Staff – you never know what they’re going to encounter, depending on the crowd.
#3 Parking and crowd control – long hours standing in dusty or muddy environments mean clothing will get dirty quickly
#4 Promotions People – from handing out vodka jellies and shots, through to promoting on a stand – make your promotions people eye-catching
#5 Roadies, sound crew and stage crew – want to look part of the gang? Then look no further than branded casual workwear for the sound guys.

The Security Industry

In a crisis, people need to know where to go or who to call. From watching doors in a supermarket, through to bar work or festival security, it’s vital they look professional, whilst being comfortable and able to deal with any situation that may arise.


Gardening and Landscaping

If your workers look like part of a cohesive team, it’s a proven fact that customers place a higher value on their work. That means higher prices for you – no quibbles. Get your team looking the part so your business can blossom. From t-shirts through to branded fleeces, polo shirts or workwear shorts – we’ve got it all!

Dog Grooming Parlour Casual Workwear

With people happy to spend a fortune on their pets, make casual workwear part of your branded image.

Of course, there are practicalities to take into account – it’s a fairly messy business. So something washable and wearable, in breathable cotton would be ideal. Long sleeve, short sleeve or no sleeve – just take a look at our huge selection online.

All workwear is available in with bespoke logo services too – just give us a call for a no-obligation chat. We look forward to hearing from you soon.