If you’re working in an environment that is hazardous, then a flame-resistant suit is one of the first things your company will probably issue you. This is more than likely to carry the company logo and name, and sometimes the worker’s name too. This personalisation not only acts as good advertising for the company, but in the unfortunate event of an accident, it allows rescue workers to identify the wearer.

Generally, it’s industrial or construction companies that would require this type of flame-resistant workwear. These are environments where a small mistake may result in a disastrous incident, so fire safety is paramount.

These items are for two main reasons


1.     Worker Protection

High-risk environments are the most likely places to encounter arc fires and flash fires – two of the main reasons that risk worker safety. And a flame-resistant uniform could help keep them safe, where ordinary materials would combust.


2. Better Than Standard/Regular Work Uniforms

Synthetic fibres may be easy to clean and launder, but in intense heat, they also melt. This in itself could prove fatal in a major fire-related incident, as the melting fibres would increase the severity of the burns.


Other Reasons To Use Fire-Resistant Workwear

Instant protection from severe heat.
Protection for unconscious workers until help arrives.
Fabric will self-extinguish rather than continue to burn.
Fabric will also stiffen, and form a barrier against flames.
And if the worst comes to the worst, the clothing won’t melt, but rather ‘flake’ away.

Flame retardant suits save lives. And it also goes a long way to proving your company has conformed to health and safety requirements.

If you need custom-printed fire-resistant workwear, then just let us know. We’d be more than happy to provide a quote.