Whether it’s Birmingham, Bristol, London or Paris – keeping your establishment in the public eye (and consciousness) is paramount.


With so much competition (think brasseries, bars, eateries, delis, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, cocktail bars, pubs, hotels, b&bs… the list goes on)…… just how do you make differentiate yourself from the others?


We’ve all seen programmes like the Alex Polizzi’s Hotel Inspector, and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, where the star goes in and exposes the company’s failings – leaving us aghast that so many of the basics aren’t being taken care of. Things like who does what, how are the accounts being taken care of, why aren’t the staff being managed properly and what about the food hygiene? But after these essentials are taken care of, we at Agentis, reckon it’s all about creating a memorable and professional image with bespoke workwear.

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