1.Choose The Right Colour For The Job!

It may sound obvious, but colour is vital. First of all, the colour has to inspire confidence. That may not be as ‘empty’ as it sounds. There’s so much research into the subject,  and it’s well-known that dark colours inspire confidence and authority, whilst lighter colours make the wearer appear fresher and younger. This may be a good choice for beauticians and those involved in alternative therapies like sports massage.  


2. Select The Best Material

Another one that’s obvious, but easy to overlook. This all depends on how long you or your workforce will be wearing the fabric for. Cotton or other natural fabrics are more breathable and easier to wear. Man-made fabrics are cheaper, but tend to warm up quicker, so if it’s a hot environment, then it will be less comfortable. But the good news is, you don’t have to think about creasing. All of our fabrics are easy-to-wear and launder, and many don’t even require ironing. It’s our aim to make your life as simple as possible, whilst allowing you to look groomed and professional at all times.


3. Think About Protection.

Are you going to be exposed to bodily fluids or chemicals during your work? If so, then consider clothing that’s specifically manufactured with these hazards in mind. Something like an anti-microbial tunic is ideal for anyone in a hospital, veterinary, dental or nursing home environment.


4. Do You Need Pockets?

Pens, notebooks, tissues, clear gloves, keys, mobile phone…. Any of these items could be part of your working day and you’ll need to carry them around. If you don’t have pockets, then where will they go? If you can carry a bag as part of your daily routine, then that’s fine. If not – you will need pockets. Then it’s just a matter of considering whether you want breast pockets, side pockets or rear pockets. Isn’t it great to have choices!