There are multiple surveys showing how wearing a uniform can pull a team together – whatever their purpose.  Just think of football, for example. You’re on the terraces, cheering on your team, surrounded by thousands of others who look like you do. You’re part of one big unit, and it feels great!

The same applies the entire world over - whether it’s a school uniform, a sports kit, workwear or leisure wear – being part of one ‘tribe’ is a bonding experience like no other.

There are lots of reasons to consider a uniform at work, and as Birmingham’s main workwear supplier, we’ve seen over and over again, how it benefits everything from your branding, through to employee behaviour.

Here are our top eight reasons you should consider workwear for your employees:


1. It Gives The Impression Of Professionalism
In a society where we’re judged on our appearance (rightly or wrongly), a professional, appropriate image will help retain customers, and attract new ones.

2. Uniforms Are Free Advertising!
If your employees are out and about on a shop floor, or in the wider community – your name needs to be somewhere on their clothing – especially if you have a recognisable or eye-catching logo. Not to do this, is wasting an opportunity to spread your word. 

3. Brand Awareness
There’s a subtle difference between advertising (letting people know you’re about), and brand recognition (embedding that awareness into the subconscious). First people become aware of you, then you build the brand by reinforcement. And again, using branded workwear is another way to do this.

4. Worker Protection
Think of the functional and practical applications that flame-resistant and high-visibility workwear can offer. Protect workers (and yourself from injury claims) by giving them the best and most appropriate clothing for the job.

5. Improve Security Levels
Company uniforms help quickly identify who should and shouldn’t be in the vicinity. Anyone in ‘civvies’ would stand out a mile in an area where uniform is specified.

6. Smells Like Team Spirit!
Belonging is a vital need in a human being. When we are part of a group or a tribe, we tend to perform better and be happier. Uniforms are a wonderful way of instilling this into our employees. It also helps promote a feeling of pride.

7. Prevent product cross-contamination.
For those involved in food and healthcare industries, it’s vital to try and reduce the threat of cross-contamination. Uniforms for specific areas or tasks are ideal to do this.

8. Improve customer relationships.
How many times have you been on a shop floor, and not been able to work out who is a customer, and who is working there? A uniform for work immediately shows who is a company representative, and that it’s ok to approach them for advice. It’s a quick and easy way to improve customer service.


We hope you can see the benefits of introducing a uniform into your business. Do contact us for any no-obligation advice or pricing quotes. We look forward to hearing from you soon.