When it comes to running a business and operating a workplace, it’s important that safety is put before anything else. This includes ensuring that staff are correctly trained on all machinery and that everyone has the necessary safety clothing. A key part of this is safety footwear.

Why Should Staff Wear Safety Footwear?

1. They Are Sturdy - Safety footwear is extremely sturdy, a lot more sturdy than standard shoes or boots. This helps to protect ankles and other areas of the feet, all of which can be put under extreme pressure during a day at work. Additionally, as they are sturdy, all types of safety footwear can protect the feet from injury with enhanced via Steel or Composite toe caps, Metatarsal Protection coupled with anti slip features with enhanced grip on the sole particularly against hazards such as oil spills . For example, they can offer protection against falling pieces of machinery or heavy tools that run the risk of being dropped.

2. To Cover Yourself - It’s safe to say that accidents can occur at any moment at work. As well as causing your staff painful injuries, this can become costly for you when you consider personal injury claims. However, by insisting that staff wear safety footwear, you are covering yourself at all times.

3. They Prevent Serious Damage - Regardless of the type of workplace that you are operating, you’re sure to know that an accident is always around the corner. This can cause serious damage to staff which may lead to lifelong problems, costly medical treatment and time away from work. By ensuring that all staff wear safety footwear, this level of damage is greatly reduced.

4. To Create a Clear Uniform - Even if your workplace rarely has visitors, it’s important to develop a clear uniform. Safety footwear is a key part of this. It doesn’t look professional to have staff turning up to work in a range of different shoes and boots, but safety footwear shows consistency.

5. They Prevent Sore Feet - Anyone who is on their feet all day knows just how easy it is for feet to become sore. This can be caused by a great deal of walking or something a little more painful, such as a blister. However, the risk of getting sore feet whilst at work is greatly reduced when staff are wearing safety footwear. With shock absorbing features, safety footwear has been designed with workers and their needs in mind. Not only does this help to reduce the chances of staff developing sore feet, but it also helps to increase productivity.

Simply, those with sore feet are a lot less likely to get through their workload in adequate time. As you can see, there are a number of reasons as to why your staff should have safety footwear. As well as keeping them safe from accidents and harm, it also provides you with the peace of mind that everyone is as well protected as possible. To find out more about safety footwear and safety clothing, get in touch. Contact Agentis Workwear today on 0845 270 0134 or via the online contact form.